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Town Branch Square Shot Glass
Price: $5.99

This 2 oz. shot glass will stand out on your shelf with its square shape and Town Branch logo.

Pearse Lyons Reserve Mini Rocks Glass
Price: $5.99

This 2 oz mini PLR rocks glass would be a great addition to any shot glass collection. Etched on the front is the signature of our founder, Dr. Pearse Lyons.
Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale Flight Glass
Price: $6.99

Whether you are doing a beer tasting or just want to share, this 6 oz. flight glass goes nicely with our stave flight.
Kentucky IPA Pint Glass
Price: $6.99

This 16 oz. glass stamped with the 3-color Kentucky IPA logo has a wide mouth for easy drinking.

Vanilla Barrel Cream Ale Pint Glass
Price: $7.95

Our newest barrel aged beer, Vanilla Barrel Cream Ale, tastes even more delicious out of this pint glass!
Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale Snifter
Price: $8.99

Kentucky Bourbon barrel Ale is a fine sipping ale. What better way to sample this elixir than in this elegant 10 oz. snifter glass featuring a three color logo?
Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Stout
Price: $8.99

Enjoy Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Stout in this elegant snifter glass featuring the Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Stout logo.
Kentucky Ale Pint Glass
Kentucky Ale Pint Glass
Price: $8.99

This 16 oz. pint glass is perfect for the discriminating beer drinker and gift giver. Features Kentucky Ale 3-color logo.
Kentucky Kölsch 16 oz. Glass
Price: $8.99

Enjoy our Kentucky Kölsch Style ale in a 16 ounce Kölsch glass to enhance the malt and hop flavors.

Pearse Lyons Reserve Rocks Glass
Price: $9.95

Pour that smooth malt whiskey into this 10 oz. glass with the Pearse Lyons Reserve signature logo. We recommend adding water to really release all the flavors.